Bert with The Small Controller.

One evening, Bert arrived at the Station with his train. The Small Controller came, he was very cross. "Bert, you are late. would be better if you be a really useful engine!" he said severely, Bert went sadly to the sheds. The next morning, Mike and Rex were shunting trucks. Bert was worried, then, he saw George The Steamroller, Goerge was working in The Small Railway Yard, he was cross when he saw Bert, "Silly Steamie, Get out of my way!" Bert was very cross, "Who Are You?" he said crossly, "shut up, don't interfere my affairs!" Bert was very angry, He goes forward straight into George, Bert lost the control and flipped into the flatbeds, Bert was on top of the standard gauge flatbeds, and George was fallen into the standard tracks, later, Butch and the breakdown train put Bert back on the tracks, but Bert was even more worried, "The Small Controller will be cross" he said, so, he followed the small tracks to the narrow gauge Railway, Rheneas was there, then, he saw Bert, Bert told all about George's rudeness, and about The Small controller, "Don't worry, It's George's fault, not your" said Rheneas, Bert was Very relieved, and that evening the small controller promissed a new coat of paint for Bert.