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magic railway

I made up a deleted scene to Magic Railroad where he finds Diesel 10's barge at the Docks and gives him one more chance.

Unnamed Steamies V.S. Diesels project

engines: thomas and percy and diesel Diesel 10 d199 arry bert splodge Den and Dart Pax, Norm, Dennis, Sid all the NG engines Skarloey: Oh No! Rusty and Fred have gone EVIL! Freddie: Uhh, I'm right here.

  • Rheanes:Not you Freddie, we mean Fred
  • sir handel: yeah Freddie: Thats me! Rheanes: No, there is another Fred Ivo Hugh: I'll sort this out! Freddie: Wait.....I'm #7! peter sam: yeah there is TWO # 7 !!!! Freddie: Who are you? Ivo Hugh: I am Ivo Hugh Freddie: Who?
  • Mighty:I am Mighty and this is Mac Ivo Hugh: Do you go good with cheese, Mac? Mac: I sure hope not, and I don't want to see if I am
  • Get it? Mac and Cheese?
  • Duke, Smudger, Bertram and Proteus make returns

Thomas' Girl Trouble: A Valentine's Day Tale

  • I think Belle
  • Maybe Thomas can be caught in a love triangle
  • And be in love with 2 or 3 different engines Adam:I was thinking of having him have to chose between Emily, Molly, Rosie, Belle and Lady. Matt:Thomas' lover i say Rosie Because I think Rosie should be Thomas' girlfriend

What about Mavis? no she+Toby=love

  • Should that be a sideplot?
  • She and Toby being in love? But Flora gets mad at Toby and they get into a fight and Percy+Lady=love too at the end

Jamily and Henolly - How it Came to Be

Henry to end up with Emily and James to end up with Molly, as both girls love them very much. By Mike

Emily is infatuated with James, but unfortunately, James loves Molly while Henry loves Emily. Emily and Molly may be BFFs, but they have trouble over the same guy they love...a certain red engine, James. How will it all turn out?