Jack and his friends at the Sodor Construstion Crew enjoy their work. However, there are days where they feel bored and want something fun to do. Why just the other day, Jack learned how important his job is. The Pack was busy working on the roadway near Ffarquhar. Jack and Alife were digging away the rough patches so the road could be smooth. When they were done, Jack called out "This Job is Boring! I want to have some fun!" "Just be patient Jack" said Kelly. Patrick then laid down the concrete for the road. While the concrect hardend, the workmen took a break. As Jack rested in the sun, Charlie puffed up to a signal nearby. He blew his whistle to get The Pack's attention. "Hello Carlie!" called Jack. "Hi Jack, I'm on my way to the yard." "I'm stuck doing this boring Road Work. I want to have some fun." Charlie giggled "How about you race around the site? Or jump over the bushes?" Jack ponderd "Sounds like fun!" he said at last. Jack went over to Kelly. "Kelly, The Forman has told me to tell to you where to place the supplies." "Ok...." said Kelly, puzzled. Jack had made Kelly place slabs of stone in the formation of a ramp on both sides of the Road. "Are you sure this is right?" Kelly asked. "Definantly!" Jack replied. "It's Foreman's Orders!" Then, Jack race backwards, reved his engine as zoomed down the lane! "WEEEEEE!" he said as he jumped over the ramp. Sudenly, (SPLAT!) Jack fell into the concete area. "My Concrete!!!" Patrick yelled. The Workmen and Miss Jenny heard everything. Jack tried to race out but the concrect had hardened around him. "Oh Jack, why did ypu do this?" asked Miss Jenny. "I wanted to have fun. And I made Kelly place the ramps down." "He told me it was Foreman's Orders!" "I would have said no such thing!" fussed The Foreman. Kelly knew he couldn't lift Jack out of his mess. Miss Jenny called the Rescue Center and Henry arived with Rocky. Jack was soon out of his mess and had long washdown. He knows now that there is a time and place for fun and it is not while you are working. ​