There are many engines on the Island of Sodor. There are Steam Engines, Diesel Engines and even Stafford, the new electric engine. Toby the Tram Engine is proud to be Really Useful. One day, Toby was puffing down the line with Henrietta. Suddenly, he was switched down a line he had never used before. "Strange..." he said. He didn't know that the points were stuck and the signalman was so distracted with fixing them, he didn't relize Toby go by. Toby came out of the Junction and relized he was near Knapford. "Wow, that was quick!" But It was too late when he relized he was on Track 1, THE EXPRESS LINE! "Out of the Way!!!!!" yelled Gordon, coming in the opposite direction. (SMASH!) Toby and Gordon collied and came off the Rails! (No One was hurt) "!" "Oh, the Indignity!" The passengers and other engines were all in shock! Sir Topham Hatt rushed to the scene of the disaster. "Oh My..." He immediatly called the Sodor Search and Rescue Center. Harold and Rocky helped put the engines back on the Rails and Thomas and James took them to the SteamWorks. "Sizzling Smokestacks!" Victor said when he saw the two engines. Toby's Buffers and Front Cowcatcher were all out of shape and there were dents in his sideplates. Gordon's front bufferbeam was also in a terrible condition and his two lead wheels were wobbly. "Toby and Gordon will be out for QUITE a while!" Victor told Sir Topham Hatt. The Controller sighed. "I'll have to figure something out." When he arived home, Lady Hatt gave him a letter. It was from his old friend who ran the Dean Forest Railway. "Hello Topham, I was wondering if you would like another visit from Wilbert, as he has told me how much he enjoyed he first visit. Call me as soon as you get this letter." The Next Day, Sir Topham Hatt called the Main Line Engines and the Branch Line Engines together. "As you know, Toby and Gordon are away being repaired, so I brought in two of your old frineds to help. Taking Toby's place is....." "Hello Everybody!" "Wilbert! Good to See you again!" said Thomas. "Indeed it is Thomas!" "And taking Gordon's place, from the Mainland, is......" (HONK!) "Oh look, Steam Engines still exsit here!" "Ol' Spamcan?" questioned Henry. "THE NAME'S 199!" fussed the Diesel. "Why has that hunk of metal be brought back?" asked James. "He was the Only one avalible, I couldn't get a hold of Spencer or Hiro." Then, Bear rushed in. "Sorry I'm Late, I was..... OH NO!" "7101? Is that you?" "Yes... My name is Bear now." "What a dumb name! I'm going to get more fuel." 199 oiled away to the DieselWorks. The engines were happy to see Wilbert but knowing that 199 was there...they weren't so sure. REST COMING SOON