Pax and Dilly


Paxton is a diesel who works on the Island of Sodor. He likes being really useful by working with his Diesel engine friends but he can be a little gullible and the others take advantage of him. One day, Paxton was at the Dieselworks taking more fuel when Sir Topham Hatt arrived. "Paxton, I need you to take some cargo to Tidmouth Hault station." Paxton liked it when he had specials. "Right away Sir!" Paxton picked up his cargo and puffed off to Tidmouth Hault Station. Tidmouth Hault is a station on Duck and Oliver's Branch Line. The two Great Western engines were happy to see Paxton. "Hello Pax!" Paxton honked his horn and then as soon as the cargo was unloaded, he oiled away. Then the Stationmaster ran up to Duck and Oliver. "Have you two seen Dilly?" I can't find her anywhere." "No, I haven't seen her since yesterday" said Oliver. "Well, I'm worried about her. She only leaves the station to go to the pond and she's not there." "We'll be on the look out. Don't worry." replied Duck. As Paxton went on his way back to the Dieselworks, he heard a strange noise. (QUACK QUACK) "What was that?" he asked. "It sounded like a duck" replied his driver. "But we're not near the Fenlands." At the Dieselworks, Workmen looked over Paxton. "I don't see anything wrong with him. Um, what I mean is..." started Den. "What he means is, your in perfect shape." finished Dart. (QUACK QUACK) "Ducks don't belong at the Dieselworks!" said a voice. There was Diesel 10 holding Dilly the Duck in his claw! "Don't hurt her!" cried Mavis, who was also being repaired. "Are you crazy? Pinchy wouldn't hurt a fly!" "She must have hopped into one of the empty trucks" laughed Paxton's driver. Paxton took Dilly back to Tidmouth Hault. "Oh, Thank you!" said the Stationmaster "You can come and visit her when ever you want." Suddenly, Dilly went into her nest. A small quacking sound was heard. "Awww, her egg finally hatched." "Can we keep him?" asked Paxton. "Oh, All Right" said the Stationmaster. The duckling now lives with Paxton's driver and often rides in the cab. The stop frequently at Tidmouth Hault for the Duckling to see his mom and all the engines enjoy seeing the happy family together.


  • Paxton
  • Duck
  • Oliver
  • Diesel 10
  • Mavis
  • Norman (Cameo)
  • Den (Cameo)
  • Dart (Cameo)