Percy was shunting trucks in the yard. There was a siding that was blocked because it was the siding with the Magic Buffers. Percy then pushed Rickety, Fred and S.C.Ruffey into the buffers! "Bother" said Percy and he puffed after them. The trucks giggled. "On, on, on!" said Rickety. "Faster, faster!" said Fred. They all snickered when suddenly they disapeared into a cave. Percy slowly chuffed into the Magic Railroad. No engine had ever been there since Thomas' had some rather strange problems. He never spoke of it. Percy was a bit nervous. He had never been here. He couldn't see the trucks. Percy puffed into a cave. "Hello?" he said. "Fred? S.C.Ruffey?" Rickety?" he repeated. No one answered. Percy puffed farther into the cave, and dissapeared. Percy found himself in a siding. He saw James and the inspector at a shed. "Show a wheel, James. You can't stay here all day" said the inspector. "The Fat Controller told me to stay here. He sent a message this morning" said James. "He did not! How could he? He is away all week." replied the inspector. "This seems oddly familar" said Percy and he chuffed away. He saw James go looking for him. Percy hid behind some trucks. A couple days later, The Fat Controller spoke to Percy and James. Percy was confused, and he had serious deja vu. Sir Topham Hatt told him to take some trucks to Thomas' branchline. On his way to collect the trucks, he saw Gordon and James and decided to talk to them. "Hello, Gordon and James. Its a lovely day". Gordon and James looked at each other. "Say Percy, have you ever heard of 'backing signals'?" asked Gordon. It all came to Percy. "I travelled back in time!" he thought. "Yes I have, Gordon. Its just a silly joke. Thomas once told me it. I laughed and laughed. Best be on my way now. The Fat Controller told me to take these trucks to Thomas' branchline. Bye for now!" said Percy. He puffed away to collect the trucks.