Here is part 3. Enjoy!


Thomas, Edward, Percy, Toby, Duck, Emily, Diesel, "The Boss", Splatter, Dodge, The Fat Controller, Hank, Hiro, Skarloey, Rheanes, Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Duke, Jeremiah Jobling

Splatter and Dodge had also traveled back in time, along with the boss. The boss was actually right behind them. "Look, there's Percy. You told us to go find him and we did." said Dodge. "Excellent" said the boss. He then knocked Splatter off the mountain. "AAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Splatter, and he lived to his name. Hank was puzzled. "You know me, sir?" he said. "Of course I do, you were the first engine on Sodor!" said the Fat Controller. "I though Duke was" said Thomas. "I thought Hiro was!" said Percy. "Who is Hiro?" they all said. The Fat Controller looked shocked. 'Hiro! I forgot all about him! I was going to deliver parts to him along time ago! He quickly drove away. Meanwhile, back in present day, Thomas was looking for Percy. He couldn't find him. He puffed past Jeremiah Joblings store. "Have you seen Percy?" asked Thomas. "I can't find him anywhere". "No, I have seen him since he was shunting trucks in the yard over there.". Thomas chuffed over. "Percy? Hello?" he said. Nobody answered. Suddenly, he heard Jeremiah Jobling scream and run out of his store. The building began to fall down! He heard a familar whistle. Then, a green engine roared out of the ground! It was Emily. "Where is Duck?" she said. Thomas trembled in fear. Duck puffed by the store. "Hey, Thomas! What happened to the store?" he asked. He then saw Emily. "Oh, um, yikes, err, ummm, I have to go... uh... collect a... cow and... bring it to... the, errm Tobys shed! Yea thats it! Bring a cow to Toby's shed!" said Duck and he whooshed away. Up on the mountain that was kinda blue, Dodge, Diesel and the boss laughed. "We got rid of Splatter! Finally!" laughed Diesel. The boss knocked Dodge off. "AAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" said Dodge. The boss laughed. Suddenly, Skarloey, Rheanes, Sir Handel, Peter Sam and Duke puffed up beside the 2 Diesels. "Stop knocking Diesels off our mountain!" said Sir Handel. "You are making a mess" said Duke. "So what, pipsqueaks?" said the boss. He laughed. "You would make fine appetizers" he said. The engines looked scared. "We best tell Edward about this, he would know what to do!" said Peter Sam. The Narrow Guage Engines puffed away.

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