Characters Thomas, Edward, Percy, Duck, Oliver, Emily, The Fat Controller, Skarloey, Rheanes, Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Duke, Freddie, Diesel 10, D199. Jeremiah Jobling

The narrow guage engines suddenly stopped. "Who are you anyway?" asked Rheanes. The boss was about to show himself when suddenly Edward biffed into him. "Edward!" exclaimed the little engines. Freddie (He lived on the Narrow Guage railway at this time) had been told about what happened and told Edward. The Boss had landed safely on the rails. The engines gasped. The boss was... suddenly, Duck ran through. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!" he screamed. Emily puffed after him. Then, Duck had an idea. He stopped cold. "Huh?" said Emily. She rammed into Duck. 2 weeks later, Oliver had helped the engines get back to present day. They had a funeral for Duck, but simply dumped Emily into the sea. Duck was lowered into the concrete below Jeremiah Joblings store. The Fat Controller planted a tombstone that read "Here lies Montague "Duck" Greatwesternson. 1950-2012. Died after Emily rammed into him.". In honor of Duck, Jeremiah Jobling renamed his store after him. Suddenly, a T-Rex dinosaur stomped on the store and grabbed Thomas and The Boss. "AAAAHHHH!" yelled Thomas. The engines were puzzled, but Percy figured it out. "We must have changed the past too much, and now dinosaurs rule the earth again." he said. More dinosaurs grabbed the engines. Thomas awoke deep in a cave. He had no idea where he was. The Boss was there. "Its... its you" said Thomas. "Yo..your... bluruehfuhduhgudhgjdhsjghjkghskjfhljk" said Thomas as he spluttered out the words. He died. "Yes" said the boss. "It is I, D199!" said D199. He laughed and splutter away, until the T-Rex grabbed him, and threw him into outer space. The engines were on Mars. Thomas lay there, cold and lifeless. Diesel 10 emerged from the rocks. "Perfect" he said.