Here is Part 2


Thomas, Percy, James, Gordon, Henry, Edward, Toby, Duck, Annie, Clarabel, Hank, Flora, Billy, Sir Topham Hatt, Fred, Rickety, S.C.Ruffey, Splatter, Dodge

Percy was pulling the trucks to Thomas' branchline. He passed the signal that Gordon tricked him with. "Silly things" said Percy. He heard a voice coming from the bushes. "Pssst! Percy!" said the voice. "W-w-wh-who i-i-is t-th-the-the-there?" studdered Percy. Then, Billy emerged from the bushes! "Hi Percy!" said Billy. "Billy!" said Percy "What are you doing in the past?". "Where else do you think I was?" asked Billy. Hank and Flora then puffed behind him. "Do you know how to get back?" asked Percy. "Duck, Donald, Douglas and a few others made it back, but they never told us how" said Hank. Edward then puffed beside them. "Hi Percy!" he said. "Who are these clowns?" said Edward in a rude way. Billy, Hank and Flora wheeshed in anger. "Hush!" said Edward "You will wake Henry!". Henry was sleeping in the sheds. He was ill and needed his rest. Billy was still anger and biffed into Edward. Edward's milk tankers uncoupled from him and rolled down Gordon's hill! Gordon was pulling the express and the milk crashed into him. It made a very big mess. Suddenly, 3 freight cars bashed into Gordon. Toby came to take Gordon to the repair yard. Thomas puffed up with Annie and Clarabel. Sir Topham hatt then came. He was very surprised. "Hank!" he yelled. Hank was puzzled. The 3 freight cars were Fred, Rickety and S.C.Ruffey. Sadly, they were scraped. James' driver was trying to stop the trucks but he died in the wreck. On a mountain, which was very blue, 2 diesels snickered. "Hey, Dodge" said one of them "We should tell the boss about this. "He knows" said Dodge. "He knows, Splatter"