A gust of wind blew over the empty island. Nobody was there. A whistle echoed through the canyons and around Blue Mountain. After the dinosaur attacks, Sodor was a ghost town. Your probably thinking "Who is whistling?" well, its the Magic Engine of course. Lady was puffing across Sodor Suspension bridge. It had been hit hard during the attacks. The bridge shook violently. Lady gasped. She saw a shooting star fly across the sky. It smashed into the bridge and it collasped. Lady plunged to her doom. She bounced off a rock into Lake Sodor (Play this music:, you might want to skip a few seconds in). "I got you now you magic puffball!" yelled Diesel 10. "Not on my watch!" said Lady. "Thomas will save me!" she replied. "Thomas is DEAD!" said Diesel 10 and he laughed like crazy. "Oh really?" said Lady. Another shooting star came. "Did you miss me" said Thomas. He crashed into Diesel 10. "I brought a few friends" said Thomas. The rest of the engines, even the boss came to destory Diesel 10. "Oh bother..." said Diesel 10. He was flung into the ocean. Lady had used her magic to destroy the Dinosaurs and revive the dead engines, except Emily, Splatter, Dodge and the trucks. "So... thats it?" said Percy. "We still have 3 more parts to get through" said Edward. The all looked around awkwardly. "Soooo... the end, I guess" said Thomas.