AJ is a blue, Great Western engine on the Island of Sodor. He is number 75 because he was created on July 5 1975. He was the last GWR engine made before the railway was closed down. Anyway, AJ was at the docks. The Controller told AJ to take some fish to the Market to sell. What The Controller didn't know was that AJ was allergic to fish. AJ was about to explain to The Controller that he couldn't be around fish, but The Controller ignored him. AJ nerviously coupled up to the trucks and puffed on. AJ's driver put a clip on his nose, and that seemed to help. AJ pulled up to Stanley at the signal. Stanley laughed himself nearly to death. "AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA! YOU LOOK RIDCOULOUS!" laughed Stanley. AJ ignored him. The clip was on AJ's nose a bit too tight and he got a nose bleed. AJ didn't notice until he suddenly started slipping on the blood. "Wait, why am I going so fast?". He hit a rock and his brakes snapped. "Oh no! I-I can't stop!" (Play this music: He rushed through the stations, clocking at 100 Mph. "AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH! HELP! HELP!" cried AJ. He whooshed into the yards. Duck was slowly pulling a train of glue. Percy was right infront of him pulling a train of chickens. He crashed into the glue and it splashed all over him. The chickens feathers landed on him. AJ rerailed and landed in a field. Duck and Percy laughed. "Ha ha! You look like a gaint chicken!" they both said. AJ looked like he was going to cry. Some fish landed beside him. The impact broke the clip and the smell went into his nose. "Ah-ah-ah-ACHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" he sneezed. He launched himself backwards into some mud. He sighed loudly. Duck and Percy got Rocky and sent him to the Steamworks. After 1 week, he was as good as new. Percy and Duck greeted him back at the sheds. "What a fishy tale!" said Duck. "More like a fishy tail" laughed Percy. AJ sighed and sulked into the shed.