Business was booming on the Island of Sodor. The Culdee Fell railway had been restored. All of Sir Topham Hatt's engines were working very hard 24/7. They almost never got a break. "We need another new engine" said a tired Murdoch one day. The Fat Controller sighed. "Getting a new engine isn't cheap, Murdoch. Besides I have many". "But we are exhuasted" he protested "Just a cruddy, old engine. Victor can fix him or her!". "I will see what I can do" said The Fat Controller. He called the mainland controller, Sir Dameon Walter Biggs. "Hello, Mr.Biggs. Would you happen to have any engines that you have no use for to sell for a cheap price?" he asked. "Yes, we have 4. I will give them to you for... 100$" said Mr.Biggs. "Deal!" said the Fat Controller. It only took 2 days for the engines to arrive. "Now engines, give me your names" said the Fat Controller. A blue engine that looked like Duck spoke up. "My name is AJ" said AJ. "The BDCS on my side stands for my previous owner, Brandon Daniel Carl Swanson". "I am Crash and this is Smash" said Crash. "We are Bash and Dash's brothers. Don't worry, we are nothing like them" said Smash. "My name is Gulliver" said Gulliver. Thomas puffed in. "Hello, sir! Are these the newwww... uh oh." said Thomas and he quickly puffed away. Gulliver chuckled. "I got ya now, you silly blue nincompoop" said Gulliver. He sulked away. Gulliver was exactly the same engine as Thomas except he was painted in army green camoflauge. He was Thomas' brother.