Diesel 10 oiled off a boat from the mainland and quickly into his cave. Diesel 11 and Diesel 12 were there. "Hi, Dad!" said Diesel 11. Diesel 10 smiled. "I'd like you to meet some of my friends, kids. This is Splatter and this is Dodge." Splatter and Dodge oiled into the cave. "We are very empathictal to meet you!" said Dodge. "Have you found out what that means yet?" asked Splatter. "No, but it fits good into that sentence." said Dodge. "We used to be enemies, but we made up." said Diesel 10. Meanwhile, back on Sodor, Thomas was puffing along his branchline. Gulliver was at the station waiting for Thomas. Gulliver decided to pull a little trick on Thomas. He instructed his driver to put a rock on Thomas' track. Thomas came into the station and hit the rock. He derailed down a hill! "Help! Help!" screamed Thomas. The hill ended at a road. Madge, Bertie, Butch and Caroline were all held up at a level crossing as BoCo had broken down on it. Madge had Skarloey on his/her (I am not sure what gender he/she is, so I am going to assume he is a boy) trailer. Thomas crashed into Madge sending Skarloey tumbling down another hill. Caroline was so shooken up that she lunged forward into Bertie sending them into a pond. Butch went to go help them out when Bulgy rammed into him. They both toppled over. Skarloey landed on the express lane! Gordon was puffing down. He saw Skarloey and applied his breaks. Because he was going so fast, his breaks snapped! He was unstoppable! (Cue the music! He smashed Skarloey and kept going. He went through Knapford where he was suspossed to stop and into the yards. There was a train of fuel right ahead. Gordon crashed into it and sparks flew from his wheels causing a huge explosion. AJ, Crash and Smash watched in horror.