This is an Larger Versoin of the newest story with more scenes and stufff

The Story begans on Cyberton with Sari in her Bedroom.

Sari: Why did Rodimus tell me to stay on Cyberton?

IRONHIDE: We have just gotta find somewhere to continue life. But where?

Sari: Idk

IRONHIDE: Hey Sari look the map says there is an island with a large railway network called sodor.

Sari: Where on Earth?

IRONHIDE: An island off the coast of the Isle of Man.

Sari: Where?

IRONHIDE: Right there.

He points at the location.

Sari: Cool it's across an big Ocean from Detroit.

Sari: Can we go?

Ironhide: sure!

Sari: Cool

Ironhide: hop in

Sari : ok


Kup: Hey Where is Ironhide going?

Blurr: Idon'tknow,shouldwetellrodimus?

Kup: no blurr

ironhide and Sari got to the shipyard

Sari and Ironhide take a ship to Sodor.

When they arrive, they land at Crovan's Gate.

Sari: What is this Place?

IRONHIDE: Beats least we get lots of machine parts here.

Sari: looks like it is a works?

IRONHIDE: Heck I'd know.

Sari: Let's go look!

Sari and Ironhide Go look.

Meanwhile at the Autobot Base.

Bumblebee: Bee boop Bee boop Bee boop Bee boop

PRIME: What is it?

Alf: he said he Get This Duck Tape off my mouth!

PRIME: Right.

Alf rips it off

Bumblebee: Finally I CAN TALK AGAIN!!

PRIME: So you have.


BumbleBee: I can feel two autobots signals from Britain.


BumbleBee: SARI AND IRONHIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PRIME: Then, we've no time to lose.

Jack: Who?

BumbleeBee: We'll tell you on the way there

Prime: Autobots,Transform and roll out

Meanwhile on Sodor

IRONHIDE: We may have to establish it as our secret base for the moment.

Sari: Hey what if something lives here?

IRONHIDE: We'd better be careful when meeting them.

Sari: Yes Just then, some engine comes.

Thomas: why did Victor Tell us those trucks

JAMES: Beats me, Thomas.

Percy: *sees the allspark key* Hey what is that?

MOLLY: Oh! It's yellow like me.

Thomas: Hey it is a Girl

JAMES: Who is?

Thomas: The holder of that key

Sari: Hi..

Molly backs down to James' side, nervously.

JAMES: It's okay, Molly.

Percy: Hello

Sari: Hi.. I'm Sari

IRONHIDE: Hey, little guy.

Percy: Hey I'm Not little.

All the others Gasp

JAMES: Percy's a saddletank.

MOLLY: And he's a cute one, too!

JAMES: I'm cute, too; aren't I, Molly-dolly?

MOLLY: Yes, Jamie-plum...

They both kiss.

Sari: Who are you?

Thomas: I'm Thomas

Rosie: i'm rosie

Percy: You know my name

James and Molly are still kissing.

Thomas: James and Molly!!

Sari: LOL

BOTH: Huh?

The two stop kissing.

Thomas: we meet with sari and You did not say your name

JAMES: I'm James, and this is my beloved Molly.

MOLLY: Hi. I'm Milly! Sorry, Molly.

Sari: LOL

MOLLY: We're a cute couple, together!

Thomas: Like me and Rosie

Rosie: Thomas you my love

She then kisses him.

Thomas: I love you too

JAMES: Henry has Emily, too.

MOLLY: She and I are best friends!

Sari: cool so do you live here?

THOMAS: We all do.

Percy: Me,Thomas,and Rosie live a Ffarquar sheds

ROSIE: Toby and Mavis, too.

Thomas: and Daisy

PERCY; Oh, yeah. Her, too.

Sari: So what is this place?

Thomas: the back of the SodorSteam works

Sari: cool

JAMES: Let's show them all the sights of Sodor!

Sari: ok

They all go on a journey until they meet Henry. Thomas: Hey Henry

HENRY: Hi, Thomas. Who are all these guys?

Thomas: there names are Sari and Ironhide

HENRY: Pleasure to meet you all!

IRONHIDE: Name's Ironhide.

Sari : My name is Sari:

HENRY: Please to meet you.

Sari: It is nice to meet you two