Thomas was felling sad. "Whats wrong, Thomas?" asked Percy. Thomas sighed. "How long have we worked here?" asked Thomas. "Around 67 years, why?" Percy replied. "Because, how much longer before we... you know... get put out of service?" said Thomas. "Until the day we die!" said Percy. "Yes, but how much longer until that?" asked Thomas. Suddenly, Percy looked worried. They both sulked into the shed. "All we do is work, work, work. Being a train is boring, we can't do much." said Thomas. The next morning, Thomas and Percy left the sheds and didn't bother talking to the other engines. They puffed into the magic railroad to talk in private. "We need a bucket list, Percy" said Thomas. "Whats that?" asked Percy. "Its a list of things people try to do before they die.". Percy agreed to make one. The first thing they decided to do was go to the Steamworks and convert themselves to diesels. They then puffed into the Dieselworks and starting singing ( while biffing trucks, messing with Happy Hook and making a huge mess.