I was bored, so I decied to reboot the Railway Series myself. Here is book one.

Danger for CatherineEdit

Business on the Culdee Fell railway had shut down. The new controller of the railway, Sir Robert Henrik Banks The Third, had lost thousands of dollars in a gambling incident. Sir Banks had bought a lottery ticket for 1 million dollars. He sratched off the boxes, and won! "Wonderful news Mr.Yelnats!" he said to the vice controller, Mr.Stanley Daniel Yelnats the fifth. "What is it, Sir?" he asked. "We won the lottery! We are back in business!" exclaimed Sir Banks. He and Mr.Yelnats did a little happy dance. To celebrate, Sir Banks had bought 2 new engines. He then went to the sheds. "Engines, meet Daniel and Henrik. They are 2 new engines to help us get back in business!" said Sir Banks. "Nice to meet you, chaps!" said Culdee. "I am Culdee, and they are Patrick, Wilfred, Eric, Godrad, Ernest, Alaric and Shane Dooiney!" he said. "Just call me Shane" said Shane Dooiney. "Nice to meet you lads." said Daniel. Henrik puffed backwards and accidentally knocked Catherine and she rolled towards the cliff. "Oh no!" said Patrick, and he puffed after her. His driver tried to couple on to Catherine but he was too late! The poor coach rolled off the rails and fell to her doom. "Bother!" said Culdee. Henrik blushed and quickly puffed away.