It was sunset at Knapford, Thomas the tank engine was going to rest at Tidmouth Sheds tonight. He shunted Annie and Clarbel into the coach sheds and was about to head to Tidmouth Sheds when something caught his eye. It was Rosie the lavender engine.

Thomas knew something was up as Rosie usually tried to follow him around. He decided to see what was up, so he puffed down to the Harbour. 

He rolled next to Rosie.

"Rosie?" Said Thomas.

There was no reply. So he asked again.

"Rosie?" Thomas said.

"Oh hey TomTom" said a sadden Rosie.

"What's wrong, your not like this normally."

"Thomas, its June,6." said Rosie "70 years ago, Project: D-Day happened".

"Well, that is true." said Thomas, "Come on Rosie, the weather's changing. We should go to Tidmouth."

"Ah alright Thomas" said Rosie.

Soon the rain started to pour. Thomas and Rosie puffed into Tidmouth Station. "Not long now Rosie." said Thomas.

"Ok TomTom" said Rosie.

At last they came to the sheds, where Gordon, James, Oliver, Neville and Henry were.

"Thomas, you're a sight being here" said Oliver "Shouldn't you be at Ffarquhar?"

"Well, I'm going to take a early goods train to Knapford."

Soon Thomas and Rosie were off the turntable and onto some sidings.

"So how is the mainline guys?"

"Good, but it is the beginning of the summer season." said Gordon

"Yes it is Gordon," Oliver said " The Little Western is full all day with people going to the beachs"

"The Local Express is heavy aswell." James said.

"Well your local train is always heavy!" Said Henry "Because your a small mixed traffic! Who should pull small passenger trains at low speeds! I mean look at Edward and Emily! They are the same size as you and pull branchline trains!"

"Well your just a big engine with a Small Firebox!"

"Says the guy who needed a bootlace!"

"Why you-"

"Stop!!!!!!!!!!!" said Rosie angerly, "Can't we forget about this!"

That got the engines quiet and soon one by one the engines fell asleep.